While we finish the construction of our website, we are so excited to introduce you to our most ambitious project yet! The Railyard Community Art Garden in downtown Salt Lake City! Check out this Kickstarter video (so we can fund this awesome thing) and get it to everyone you know if you support the arts and sustainable healthy foods! There’s a great video at the end of the page too that will fill you in more about what A.F.L.A. is all about. If you have questions please go to our kickstarter page and we’ll answer them, or email us at aflarevolution@gmail.com.

The Railyard Community Art Garden, in downtown SLC!

Visit & share our kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/383327240/railyard-community-art-garden

Welcome to a radical new way to unite communities and experience the arts! The Railyard Community Art Garden is a unique project for the community of Salt Lake City initiated by our non-profit group Artists for Local Agriculture and the Utah Arts Alliance. Being an “art” garden, it not only provides much needed space for members of the community to grow fresh organic food, but it uses the power of art to unite diverse crowds in support of a crucial cause.

The garden will be unique to Salt Lake, offering not only standard garden plots available to the public, but also incentive and opportunity for artists, whether it be wall art, sculptures, landscape art, gallery events, installations and more.  There will also be regular events on the central stage by local musicians, theater groups, and informative workshops and classes about gardening and the arts. This is an exciting new way for the community to come together and share their talents, whatever they may be!

This organization was founded by long-time musician and activist Michael Cundick in 2011. Armed with experienced pro-bono support and the influence of a large network of supporting gardeners musicians and artists, we have been very effective at igniting the artistic community and advocating for local farmers. The Railyard Community Art Garden is our most ambitious project yet and with the land space secured from the Utah Arts Alliance we are ready to breathe new life into downtown Salt Lake City!

The Utah Arts Alliance (UAA) is a long standing organization that aims to foster the arts in ALL forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community.  Executive Director Derek Dyer was happy to add the art of gardening to the list of the many organizations it supports. The garden will be located on the grounds of the UAA’s newest project the Salt Lake Arts Hub that houses 35 artist studios, office space for arts non-profits, dance studios, an events center, with over 33,000 sq. ft. of building space, and more. It is a perfect compliment for this unique community art garden.

After months of planning the project is ready to launch and needs your help to really get off the ground. Countless volunteer hours have gone into it already and the design has been finalized. We need your help to get the supplies to make this project a reality. If you are interested in donating time and elbow grease please message us. Help make this an outstanding success! The plans are laid, the experience is present, the paintbrushes are dipped, guitars are all tuned, and the volunteers are ready…. Let’s do this thing!

Help us turn this…

Into an inspiring and sustainable labor of love! Enjoy the video below for an overview of A.F.L.A and check out our dedicated site for the garden at Railyard Community Art Garden’s webpage.


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  1. Badass!! I am so excited to have met you and am thrilled that you are involved in the March Against Monsanto 😀

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